About Us

International Surf Services

    International Surf Services is a privately owned business that provides surf-related services to the United States and other countries around the world.  Created by Elda and Erik Krammer in 2008, we have been on the market for over eight years with a strong base in Southern California, and formerly Saquarema, Rio De Janeiro – Brazil.  We provide various surfing activities such as private and group training/coaching, educational seminars, global camps, private and group lessons, judging for events, judging selection, judging courses, event direction and organization, filming and analysis, cultural exchanges, and consulting.  We work with all levels from beginners to professionals to help everyone increase their understanding and personal potential. 

The majority of our programs are run by Erik Krammer who is also the owner and director of International Surf Services.  His background in surfing runs deep being born in California into a surfing family, and soon forming a competitive surfing career for over fifteen years which took him through the various levels of competition from beginning contests to professional events.  In the midst of this, he also attained a college degree in environmental studies from UC Santa Barbara while beginning to judge surfing events across the west coast.  Soon after graduation, several personal trips around the world, and judging many amateur and professional contests, Erik was hired by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) in 1998 to serve as the American judge on the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) where he worked amongst the best in the world for over eleven years.  In 2009 Erik resigned from ASP International at the top of his judging career to pursue another direction which would take all of his knowledge and experience as a free surfer, competitive athlete, team manager, world traveler, international judge, and private trainer/coach and create a platform which would access the surfing world at all levels by providing quality services to fit everyone’s surfing needs.