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February 27, 2016  ~  Volcom TCT  ~  Seaside Reef Update

International Surf Services… Well it’s been a great start already to a very solid weekend of RESULTS!!!
Today at the Volcom event at Seaside Reef the waves were firing and the team was ripping!!!
Hayden Rodgers and Cole McCaffray both made the finals in the Squids division. Hayden placed second with some powerful backside turns and even grabbed a perfect 10 in the semis. Cole also had great form and came in fifth. In the Groms division it was Nolan Rodgers putting on a great performance for a third place finish with style and consistency while Hagan Johnson surfed amazing for a sixth place. And in the Womens division Ella McCaffray charged her way to a 9th place finish against a much older field of surfers.
Coach Krammer was also there helping our team to analyze the changing conditions, surf smart heats, and perform their best.
Congratulations to all of our athletes and thanks for your hard work and commitment!!!
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~By Elda Krammer~

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February 13-14, 2016  ~  Western Surfing Association  ~  Huntington Beach Update

International Surf Services… Congratulations to our team of athletes for their SOLID RESULTS last weekend at the WSA event in Huntington Beach!!!
Despite a heavy fog delay on Saturday and Sunday which caused the contest to finish before the finals, our athletes positioned themselves into the final rounds which will be held at the next event in Oceanside!!!
Hagan Johnson (pictured) was definitely on fire, surfed amazing, and made the finals in the Boys U16 and U14 divisions. Nolan Rodgers (pictured) also surfed great throughout the event making the U14 final. Hayden Rodgers and Cole McCaffray were both in form making the U12 Boys final. Ella McCaffray surfed great in the south area making the Girls U14 final and the Girls U16 Semis. Also making their first WSA finals with breakthrough performances were Jake Hennessey (pictured) in the U16 Boys and Sean Carlin in the U18 Boys.
Coach Krammer (pictured) was also there supporting the team and giving them his knowledge to do their best. He even grabbed a couple himself during the fog delay and a break between heats catching one of the best waves of the day according to the announcer.
Good job and congratulations to everyone!!! We are looking forward to more SOLID RESULTS, and seeing everyone dominate their finals at the next event!!!
@haganjohnson @nolanrodgers__ @haydenrodgers_1 @colemccaffray @ellamccaffray @jake__hennessy @sean.carlinn ‪#‎coachkrammer‬
Thanks to @surfwsa for the action photos and a great contest!!!

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August 27, 2015  ~  THE INERTIA  ~  Every Groms Dream Trip

Erik Krammer dedicates a good chunk of his surf life to others these days. He’s been a competitor, he’s traveled, and right after college he followed a path that led him right into an ASP judge’s booth. And it turned out watching and judging surfers on the World Tour didn’t just give Krammer a first hand look at what makes the best in the world the best in the world, because after a little over a decade of that he decided it was time to groom the next generations of World Tour athletes. It’s a unique resume that reads like a jack of all trades in surfing: free surfer, competitive surfer, team manager, world traveler, international judge, contest director, coach, and bringing it all full circle to competing again.

Now imagine being 10 years old and getting to go on a trip with a surfer who holds a resume that deep. Nine days of surfing and learning from a guy who’s seen and nearly done it all. Not a horrible deal if you’re a competitive kid with big dreams of breaking the WSL’s top ranks someday. That’s the story with International Surf Services’ Global Surf Camp. Heck, I’d pretend to be 15 years old if it earned me a bunk with these guys. I’m all for surf trips, especially if we’re talking about Costa Rica and Nicaragua, but there’s something intriguing about dedicating a trip to more than just surfing your brains out. Like surfing your brains out with coaches and cameras dedicating themselves to making you better. We see it across all youth sports. From baseball to soccer to you name it there’s camps, contests, travel teams and anything else you can think of fine tuning athletes at a younger age. Each generation that comes seems to get better than the one before it, so call me a geek but I’d dig a trip like this.

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