Private Sessions

International Surf Services Presents…

Private Sessions!!!

You are invited to privately train with us to increase your overall surfing potential and reach the next level.  Whether your goal is to be a top-rated competitor, a mind-blowing free surfer, or you just want to become a better surfer in general, we have the program that will fit your needs.  In our Private Sessions program we can create and adapt a session to all levels, to your strengths and weaknesses, at your desired location, and on your time schedule!

All sessions are run by Erik Krammer who has been a surfer for over thirty years as well as a competitor, an instructor, a team manager, an ASP WCT judge, and eventually a private coach.  If you are already a focused competitor or you simply just go surfing, he has the tools and experience to compliment your abilities and take another step towards becoming a very serious athlete.  Some of his methods include:

* Video review and analysis of free surf and competitive technique

* Practice heats with detailed analysis using standard or situational formats

* Analysis of the judging criteria, interferences, and the rule book

* Orientation for different conditions and locations

* Understanding the mind of a judge and how your surfing is analyzed

* Private coaching at selected events

These are just some of the directions that are available, but since this program is private it will be based on your needs and desires as a surfer.  Also these sessions are focused for one person, but if you have your own small group then we can train in that direction as well.  Prices will vary depending on the emphasis of the program and the consistency of the training.  For more information please contact us.  We hope to hear from you soon…